Black Women’s Expo In Chicago 2022

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with Nicole Cabell-Pope and Zion

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If you’re feeling good and need to have a girlfriend’s weekend of fun and excitement, entertainment and laughter, with an important focus on health, family, entrepreneurship and financial empowerment, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

For thousands of women in Chicago and coming from out of town, the annual Black Women’s Expo (BWe) is your go-to event to keep top of mind. “I had a manicure/pedicure and listened to a mom and son co-owner in the adjoined booth reveal the steps it took to start a printing business from the ground up.” Linda was driving home from work and heard about #Bwe on the radio, a visit to a nail shop was in her weekend plan and little did she know the black women’s expo was the place to get that. After buying a new outfit and visiting the main stage for a standing-room-only concert featuring El Debarge, Linda was ready to sit down for a blood pressure test with a nurse in the Illinois Department of Health and Wellness trailer.

One of our journalists Zion, @ChicagoRadio wasted no time finding out if Linda would return next year. She said, “Yes with family and friends in the future, I had a good time and will leave here better than I walked in.”

El Debarge headlined Sunday with “All this love” and a few of his greatest hits.

@ChicagoRadio journalist Zion not only reporting, but gaining knowledge at the #SuccessJunkie panel.

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