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Your Nicole Cabell show interviews Berlina Baker of Stream Of Life

Berlina Baker of Stream Of Life #1

Berlina Baker of Stream Of Life #2

We’ve come this far by faith is a stanza to an inspiring, holy ghost filled, amazingly awesome gospel song, but to understand the meaning could require a historian to spend a good amount of time with the elders of the church, because cultural context can help to give weight to the reason why we (African-Americans) sing that song. We sing the songs of Zion on Sunday morning and walk out with our faith stronger ending the call to worship with, “Let the church say Amen,” cause we now have help on the way to get us through another week. Everyday we work in, learn in, breathe in environments that have our great grand African-American and native ancestral footprints, genius, inventions and involvement.

For African-Americans the celebration of Black History month is a cause of remembrance. We tend to remember the contributions that many of our ancestors made in a country that often turned its back on us, its own people, who built this country, but through many dangers seen and unseen we have the victory, because we are an overcoming people and prayer changes things.  For Black History month we are going to have a conversation with influencers in many areas of life. Our first topic is health and I spoke to Berlina Baker of Stream Of Life, who is saving lives in a community where disparities are many but determination and overcoming the odds is a way of life.

We invite you to join us for “IN history and In Culture”, a series of interviews with people who make our community better using their education and experience to improve life around us to restore joy, hope, peace, love and the strength of a resilient people causing an increase in prosperity. Our first topic is health, enjoy.

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